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Article originally posted by The Silver Academy on Substack.

  • States banks can issue their own gold backed currency bypassing the Federal Reserve.
  • Ruling just released Thursday May 30, 2024. Mark this on your calendar as #EndtheFed day.
  • State sponsored banks do not have to adhere to the Federal Reserve charter.
  • And states can then acquire gold reserves for their state banks and disband from the Federal Reserve system.

The USA effectively has a dual banking system

Each state in the USA operates its own banking system, parallel to the Federal Reserve. While the Federal Reserve has inflicted severe pain locally and globally, the Supreme Court has upheld the state's right to maintain its own charter, independent of the corporate Fed system.

The Federal Reserve doesn't respect state rights for banks to adhere to their own charter outside the control of Washington, D.C., (but these are the same animals when asked by Ron Paul that don't believe Gold and Silver are money, thus proving they don't want competition - LOL)

But states are taking their power back. (The Silver Academy recognizes Money Metals and Sound Money Defense League for their zealous work in fueling a State to State movement.) Major kudos to Stefan Gleason and Jp Cortez.

This document below shows that we never needed the Federal Reserve on a legal basis.

How? Simple.

Banks with federal charters, called national banks, are subject primarily to federal oversight and regulation. Banks with state charters, called state banks, are subject to additional state oversight and regulation. Those two banking systems co-exist and compete.

Now you have it in writing. Officially. See the link below for verification.



  • If the villagers get together and write their State House and State Senate this will get legs.
  • This is massively bullish for Silver and Gold.
  • If you take US debt alone approaching 35 trillion and divide by ounces of gold above ground (US holds) there is your fundamental value of gold, $25,000 per ounce.
  • I will do the math for you (erroring conservatively). We can go with conservative gold to silver ratio of 60.