First a reminder of what Bishop Koyle was shown would happen in the United States around the time of the great crash:

He was told by the messenger that there would be a great crash in the land before the period of famine began. This crash would be brought about by prices going up, which condition was illustrated to him as being like a person on high stilts. When prices became extremely high, something happened in the land like knocking the stilts from under the person and down came everything. Businesses closed down, labor was thrown out of work, people were hungry, and great tribulations were in the land.

By Dominick Reuter and Alex Bitter at Business Insider.

  • At least nine retail brands have said they're closing US stores in 2024, totaling some 1,280 locations.
  • Family Dollar is the largest chain on the list, planning to close at least 600 stores this year.
  • Other companies, such as Walmart and TJX, are closing a few stores while opening others.

A Business Insider tally of disclosures from nine retail chain brands found as many as 1,290 stores have closed or are set to close across the US in 2024.

The number is down considerably from prior years, including last year, when the collapse of Bed Bath & Beyond contributed to a total of more than 2,800 locations shuttering.

Analysts at UBS think the total number of US retail closures could reach 45,000 over the next five years, led largely by smaller stores going out of business, even as larger firms such as Walmart, Costco, Target, and Home Depot continue to expand.

Topping this year's list is the Dollar Tree-owned Family Dollar, which is set to close at least 600 locations, with more to come as leases expire.

Some companies, including Express and Foxtrot, are in dire financial straits. Others, such as Walmart and TJX, have plans to expand by more stores than they close. Still others, like Foot Locker and Macy's, are shifting their strategies as shopping patterns change.

See the full list below:

Family Dollar: 600 stores

Its parent company, Dollar Tree, said it would close 600 Family Dollar stores in the first half of this year, while an additional 370 locations are set to close in the coming years as leases expire.

CVS: 300 stores

CVS is in the final year of its three-year plan to shutter 900 locations. The company says changing populations and buying patterns led it to reconsider how many stores it needed in certain areas.

Foot Locker: 113 stores

Foot Locker closed 113 locations during the fiscal quarter that ended on February 3. In the same period, the company opened 29 locations and relocated or remodeled 66 others.

Express: 107 stores

Express announced in April that it would close 95 flagship brand stores and all 12 of its UpWest branded locations.

Rite Aid: 77 stores

Rite Aid is closing another 77 locations after closing 150 last year.

Macy's: 50 stores

Macy's said in February that it would close 150 locations over the next three years, starting with 50 in 2024.

Foxtrot: 33 stores

The boutique convenience store Foxtrot abruptly shuttered its 33 locations in April after it came up $35 million short of its 2023 sales goal, Modern Retail reported.

Walmart: 7 stores

Walmart plans to close seven locations across four states, which it said did not meet financial-performance expectations. The company said earlier this year it planned for a total of 150 new or upsized stores in the next five years, starting with 14 new locations in 2024.

TJX: 3 stores

The off-price retail company TJX closed two T.J. Maxx locations and one Marshalls store earlier this year. Those will be more than offset by the addition of 45 new US locations across the two brands, plus 83 more across the other three brands in the TJX family.