With all of the depressing news that keeps coming out, one can take hope in knowing that RELIEF is just around the corner. According to Bishop Koyle:

He saw the Relief Mine establish a bank on a certain corner in Spanish Fork, and later he spoke of another one at the mine in White City. He saw groups of people coming to this bank with long, sad faces, their pleas for help having gone unheeded by other banks; but they left with happy faces because here they had found relief, and their homes and farms were saved from foreclosure.

By Noah at 100percentfedup.com (go here to read the full article)

Hundreds of banks around the United States are in danger of closing.

Consulting firm Klaros Group conducted an audit, which revealed that 282 banks are in danger of closing due to commercial real estate loans and losses connected to higher interest rates.

The Klaros Group's audit also noted the bank's refusal to open new branches, implement technological innovations, and hire new staff members also will play a role in the bank's potential closures.

Of course, this audit is not the only piece of evidence that the banking system is about to implode. Check out what Lena Petrova is saying in this video:

(10 minutes long)

What are your thoughts on the risk of so many banks failing? Do you know if your bank is on the risk list? Leave your comments below.