Visions of the Latter Days, pp. 121-134
Early 1930's

The voice of warning crying unto me, concerning the great and dreadful day of the Lord and the destruction of the wicked, which shall shortly come to pass.

The voice of the Great Spirit does reveal these things unto me, even the Holy Ghost that does bear witness of the Father and the Son. Therefore, I call unto all to repent of their wrong doings and their wickedness, and join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It is essential that ye be baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, that ye may receive instructions and be taught the truth by the Spirits which are in Heaven.

Thus declareth the voice of the Great Spirit which is within me, even the Holy Ghost. For thus saith the Spirit unto me, it is your burden and responsibility that these things made manifest unto you shall be made known unto the world.

Prophecy Judgments

Prophesy unto this people, for their sins have come up unto me, and they are not of me. He who will not hearken unto the Law of My Word, shall sink into unquenchable fire. Therefore, I extend a warning unto all who will hear the word of their Great Creator, to repent of their sins and evil doings, lest God's judgment come upon them and destruction overtake them.

All these things I make known unto you concerning the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord, and the destruction of the wicked, which shall shortly come to pass, and is even now at our doors.

Behold, this people, they esteem one another according to their possession of wealth, and not according to the value of the soul. They look upon the wonders of the earth and marvel, but fail to see the poor people who suffer in want around them and among them 

The whole earth is now ripe for destruction, and it shall shortly and speedily come upon the inhabitants of the earth, for God shall hasten His work, and great destruction shall quickly overtake the evildoers, and who is there among them that can escape God's holy law and His chastening hand?

The Status of the Church

I see our church represented by a high building, and we are in the top thereof, or the most recently constructed portion, which is very shakey; and I perceive that this last constructed portion is going to fall, and we must get down to the lower part of this great structure, which rests solidly upon its foundations. And while I am thus viewing it, the top, or last part built, does crash with a loud and fearful noise.

Warn the Master's Sheep

I see sheep grazing in the valley and on the mountain side. My Master tells me to watch them and not let them graze too far away from camp, because the sky gathers blackness and a bad storm is drawing near. I call three times, and the last time they hear me and come swiftly toward camp.

Poverty & Starvation

And thus does declare the Holy Ghost unto me: Beware, lest ye be destroyed with the wicked, for these things shall shortly come to pass 

Poverty and starvation shall sweep the land, and there shall be large masses of destitute people, masses of humanity starving. And as a witness to this truth, you shall see large headlines in the newspapers declaring starvation and hunger; and pictures of masses of humanity but a short way off who are starving. I warn you all to look to God; call on the Mighty One, even your Heavenly Father.  Keep His commandments and lay up supplies against this time.

Starvation shall sweep the country, and in certain places, people will even harvest cactus and prickly pears, and prepare food for themselves and to sell. And I see that food becomes so scarce that soldiers are stationed to guard the plates of those who are eating, that the hungry may not steal their food.

Inflation & Worthless Money

Because of the wickedness of this people, they are brought down into bondage, and their money which they have prized so highly, becomes increasingly worthless. I see the time when a cheap room in a hotel will cost $9.00. Then I see a law passed declaring U.S. money is of no value; and the rich bemoan the loss of their great piles of money. I see silver coins lying around in the dirt, and I look around and see still more of them, and in certain places, they are in piles on the dirt. Greenback bills become worthless scraps of paper, and have no value.  And thus it shall be that U.S. money becomes worthless. 

Industries Collapse

I see industries collapse. The gasoline and oil industry is symbolized to me by a great pipeline that extends out of the earth a mile or so into the sky, thence a mile to the north, and thence down to the earth. Then I see this great man-made structure is leaking badly at the south, and then it springs a leak at the north, and then it falls northward with a mighty crash. 

Thus it shall come to pass that the gasoline and oil business shall first fail in the south, and it shall spread to the north, until there is a complete oil and gasoline failure. And none shall be hauled over the rails because of the great failure. Traffic and industries shall cease because of the want of oil and gas, and great consternation shall seize upon man. 

Wickedness & Abominations

And it shall come to pass that wickedness shall increase, and many women in general shall partake of whoredoms for hire, for women shall exceed the men in number. And I see many men turning to robbery, and to liquors and strong drink, and their children are deprived of the teachings of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Pestilence Spread By Flies

The Lord God shall send forth flies extra early, and they shall attack the evil doers, the children of the devil, and fear shall fall upon the wicked, insomuch that they shall not move out of their places (See D&C 29:18). But the more righteous shall flee unto Zion. And I see large crowds coming to Utah in such great numbers that they have to be handled in masses, or in herds like cattle.

And again, I see this same fly as it is revealed to me by the Great Spirit. It is quite a large and fiery red or brass colored fly sent to attack the wicked. Pestilence shall spread from its bite, insomuch that the flesh shall fall from off the bones, and the eyes from the sockets, and the tongue shall not speak.

Scavenger Wolves Arise

I also saw a dog and a gray bitch wolf, and the wolf is exceedingly heavy with pups to be born. They shall increase in numbers, and shall be ravenously hungry, and they shall not hesitate to attack man; and because of their great numbers, they shall overpower and devour him.  Man shall try to tame these beasts, but to no avail.  Their purpose is to destroy. 

Tornadoes & Cyclones

And tornadoes shall come right here in our own west; and I see a dark colored rainbow appear in the Southern sky, followed by another great sign across the whole sky like a checkerboard, and the Lord God shall speak with a mighty voice of fierce and sweeping winds, and buildings, automobiles and people shall be swept away. And I see also that written words shall appear in the sky as a sign and a warning of great destruction.

High winds shall spread over the country with tornadoes and cyclones in various places. Houses shall be blown to pieces and some carried up into the air. The government will issue tents to the homeless. I see a great storm that shall come suddenly, sweeping up glass and causing it to rain down on many, causing much bloodshed. Fire and smoke shall spread over the land and many strange sights shall be seen.

Troubled Seas

The ocean shall become exceedingly rough in the winter months, and a fear shall arise in the hearts of the people for the safe return of their relatives and friends and those who must go to sea; for it becomes impossible to cross in the winter months, and all must cross by or before the last ship of the season, or wait until the next season when the ocean calms. And at this time, the ocean shall be out of its bounds, or regular water levels, and shall rise up and wash away many towns along the seashores. And afterwards, other people will come in and reinhabit these towns, bringing with them food that is not produced in the ocean-swept country.  And I see the water mark on the side hills, high above the towns.

Fall of American Legion & United States

I look up above the eastern horizon and see a woman dressed in a white robe, which also encloses her head, excepting her face; and she is sitting at the foot of a great white cross, which has golden stars in it. As I look upon this scene, it moves toward the north, and I am told to write of great and bloody wars to come.

Again the vision of my mind is opened and I see two emblems through dark clouds; they are the emblem of the American Legion and the American flag (The American Legion is a U.S. veterans' organization focused on advocacy, support, and community service for veterans, their families, and their communities). And as I look at them, they appear to be on a government building. They begin to fade away until they have completely vanished from my sight. I see only the government building without either of these emblems. (Bishop Koyle said when the Mine comes in, there ain't gonna be no government)

And I see a crowd of people looking at this great wonder in the sky (2024 total eclipse?), and they are somewhat afraid, but not enough that they repent of their wickedness. And I see one man make an effort to pray to the Lord when he sees this great sign, but he makes a failure or mockery out of it, and everyone at the gathering breaks up and leaves in confusion.

I see that the judgments of the Lord are poured out upon all flesh, and it is shown to me that this great sign and wonder marks the time when great signs and wonders shall appear in the sky; and this is the time when the wicked shall be destroyed. 

Then I see the U.S. flag with all its bright colors in the northwestern sky; and then it disappears and another flag appears in its stead, which is plain and without colors; but made up of many different parts. And the meaning of it is made clear, that the people of the U.S. will disagree and divide up and split up, forming many separate organizations, until the central government is completely overthrown, and the nation is in civil chaos--without civil administration or leadership.

French Against the USA

And it shall come to pass, that the French nation shall bomb the eastern seacoast of the U.S. with a deadly poison gas, and it shall spread over the land like a blanket of thick heavy smoke of a dirty white or a light yellow color; and it does spread over the land with wind and carries with it to all it touches.

Strange War to Come

A war shall come in this land, for I see a war in the west. I see a mighty gun that shoots from the mountains of the Lord toward the east, drops of rain, as it were, each drop carrying death wherever it hits. First a beam of light comes out of the west and extends across the sky towards the east, and then I see two lines of clouds come out of the west following along each side of the beam of light.  And I see them in the east fortifying themselves against these raindrops of death.

Signs & Wonders

Salt Lake County shall be colored red with many light snows, and northern lights shall come in these times, and be seen out of their regular bounds, and shall show in regions where they have never been seen before. And in that day, the sun shall lose its brightness, and darkness shall fall upon the face of the earth; but it shall come to pass that in certain places of the more righteous, the countryside shall be lighted by a miracle line unto a beautiful lamp in the sky, for it is the will of the Lord that certain crops of the righteous shall not fail, and the interior of rooms shall be lighted by a miracle, and even the inside of buildings and mines.

I see hay come down out of the sky like manna from heaven to feed hay-eating animals, and many haystacks of the righteous increase of themselves by the power of God.

Clouds of Darkness

But upon dense populations of the wicked, smoke and vapor and dampness and a dark cloud shall settle down and encompass their houses, and shall not rise. When these low clouds appear, there shall be lightning and explosions in the air, the worst that have ever been heard. I see these rapid swirling clouds moving swiftly close to the ground, causing great friction and noise; but to the west, they play out, and toward Utah the sky remains clear.

And thus it shall be when the Lord begins to hasten His work in the destruction of the wicked. There shall be a great sign and all shall see it, for low clouds shall be seen floating low to the ground.

And the Great Spirit or the Holy Ghost declared unto me, Alma Erickson, that the very time of these low clouds is the time appointed by the Lord when the wicked shall not stand. Therefore, know ye that when these low clouds shall come, the wicked of the earth shall be destroyed; and the sun shall lose its brightness, and the earth shall become cooler as a result; causing more clouds to form and come low to the ground, indicating the beginning of the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord.

And I see these low clouds coming down over the hills and moving with the wind, causing intervals of dimmer sunshine and cooler temperatures. And I begin to hear thunderings and see tornadoes coming over the hills and across the valleys.

And when the temperatures of the earth have fallen because of the low clouds, people will be obliged to go into one room of their houses, and to huddle about their heater to keep warm, and cold and hunger shall come upon man, for this is the time when the wicked shall be destroyed from off the face of the earth.

Books & Hidden Records

The word of the Lord came to me, saying that books containing the word of our Heavenly Father and Savior and the Holy Ghost, shall be speedily transferred to Zion, just before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

It is revealed to me by the Holy Ghost that in a deep narrow gorge, in a southeasterly direction from Salt Lake, hidden records are concealed. This gorge is newly made, geologically.  (The Relief Mine after the earthquake?)

A Great Hail Storm

And it shall come to pass that the climate will not follow its proper seasons, and the leaves shall fall from the trees in the spring. I see a mighty hail storm coming, and it shall come upon the ungodly and destroy the crops of the earth. A frozen hail stone is shown to me of enormous size, it being several feet thick.

And in that time, rain shall beat against houses with fierce and sweeping winds. Thunder will roar continually, and lightning shall flash with blinding streaks. Quick moving clouds shall appear, and giant hail stones raining down from the sky shall pierce big holes through buildings and automobiles; and the hearts of men shall be filled with fear.

Influential Electrical Charges

People's bodies are now charged with downward flows of electricity instead of upward flows. The downward flows have a destructive influence upon their bodies, while the upward flows have a good influence. For this reason shall great distress be caused among the people.

I see carrots brought in out of the field freshly dug, yet they are wilted and become soft, having lost their freshness and good flavor, because of the wrong charge of electricity. 

Earth Goes Out of Balance

The sun shall be seen to fail to follow its true course, and the earth shall be thrown out of its regular way, and the hills shall crumble down and rocks shall fall from their places, and the whole earth shall tremble and shake. I see the sun, and it is sinking low in the northeast, and I see two kinds of clouds, those that are split up by conflicting currents of air, and those that travel with the wind. I see bright sunshine and then dust comes in whirlwinds over the ground. Then darkness suddenly comes and I see the stars, and some appear like they are falling. Thus a great darkness shall come in the daytime, and it shall cause great confusion to many. Cities will be without light, and so great shall be the darkness that many caught away from home shall not be able to find their way back (coming 3 days of darkness?)

Water shall spring forth out of the ground with much pressure, and shall rush down over cliffs and down canyons in increasing volume until it floods the lower lands. And the ground shall cave in with deep and wide cavings, and water shall rush into them; and fire and smoke shall be seen. And in many places the water does flow uphill, moved by a force that defies the earth's gravity, engulfing many cities and towns as it is moved.

Another Earth Returns the Lost Tribes

Happy is he whose thoughts are with the 10 Lost Tribes, even as the thoughts of the 10 Lost Tribes are with the inhabitants of the earth.

I am shown, and I look up into the sky and see another planet slightly towards the north or in a northerly direction; and I see that it is similar to our own earth (see the photo at the top of this post). I see that it is a land of green vegetation, and streams, and creeks of water like unto our own planet. As I look upon it, I see that it is close enough to our earth that its clouds and the clouds of our earth come together and mix and pass by one another. I see a dark strange cloud with whitish smaller clouds around it, and it comes down low over the hills leaving a white snow covered strip of country underneath it and behind it. I see it come down over the hills and hit the earth with quite a heavy force (see quote from Joseph Smith that says the same), breaking the core of the cloud open, and I see members of the Lost Tribes walk out of the cloud uninjured.

I see that they are a type of men different from us in that they do not wear clothing as we do, but have a beautiful natural covering, which does shine with richness over their entire body, showing a reddish brown color.

And now again I see those strange people among us whom God has clothed with a beautiful natural covering and I do join them and notice one of their new born babes, whose weight I am told is one pound short of normal. And I hear its mother say, "We will take it to church and have the necessary pound added that it may be normal like other children."

And now after this time, I see a lowland country in the region of the North Pole, and it is overshadowed and surrounded by mountains of ice, excepting one outlet where the ice is melted away. I see that this land is warm, that it is cultivated and its vegetation is abundant, and that it is inhabited by many of the Lost Tribes.  (See

Water Covers Salt Lake City

I see the last of many dwellings finished in Salt Lake Valley, and I see the water rising up until the buildings are submerged and the people are forced to leave. I even see the great Temple of the Lord half under water, and the water still rising. Later on, the water subsides, and the valley is reoccupied. 

After the time of desolation, the same land that was desolate shall now become rich in vegetation, and I see the whole land luxuriant with vegetation, trees and undergrowth, which before was desert wasteland.

I see Salt Lake in the near future with her habitation numbered by the mile, or miles, instead of blocks. I also see around about a new beautiful country of choice vegetation, especially of fruits and food stuffs, growing rank, large and rich, with no noxious weeds. 

Christ Returns

I suddenly see the Lord Jesus Christ come in a cloud out of the Eastern Heaven with great brightness. I am taken up suddenly from those around me to meet Him, not even having time to tell them that the Lord is coming to redeem the earth. I see that He has come surprisingly quick, and that this time is shortly before us. I see that He is wearing about a four-inch red stripe over His shoulder and down across His breast, and that the rest of His robe is very white. I see that His coming is very soon, and that because of the suddenness of His coming, many of us will not have the time to properly dress ourselves to meet Him.  Thus is the glorious coming of Christ to rule and reign on the earth for a thousand years as King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

I see immortal people walking forth from low clouds. I shake hands with them and recognize them as of many nationalities. I see many resurrected women, some with babies in their arms who were taken from them by death, but now are theirs again to raise to maturity. 

Petrified Giant Comes to Life

I see a crew of men digging out a petrified giant, he is half dug out when he changes into flesh and bone and is alive as he was in the days before his death. He then rises up out of his bed of rocks and walks around and begins to talk to those present, but they cannot understand him because his speech is not according to their language.

A White & Delightsome People

The Indians or Lamanites shall become a white and delightsome people. They will move north into Canada where they will have more range for their cattle. I see three generations; a grandmother who is quite dark, a mother who is not quite so dark, and a daughter who is white.

An Amazing Airship

A new and different kind of airship shall come that shall have no wings and no gasoline motors, nor carry fuel of any kind; its shape being something like a ball which carries within itself the necessary electrical instruments which control the power of gravity over it so that the ship may be maneuvered through the air at a snail's pace or very swiftly as preferred. And I see many finer ships come after it with many new improvements, but of the same flying principles.  These are heavier than air machines and very commonplace.

Degrees of Intelligence

God has given some men double the brains of others, to develop and increase in knowledge. To some He has given seven-fold, with sufficient periods of time for development; and unto others He has given more, and unto others less. And this He has given unto them before they were born into the world.

I see ancient men compared with our present-day men, and the ancient man is far superior to our present-day man in faith, in truth, and in the ways of God.

I see an old gray headed man who has the mind of a 16-year-old; he has patterned his life after his own ignorant desires. I also see another man who is around 90 years old, or a hundred, who is not gray, but looks young. He has kept the commandments of God and obeyed the word of wisdom in all things.

And now I, Alma, do declare unto you my brothers and sisters, that these things are all true, and shall shortly come to pass according to the Word of God, for they are made known unto me through the Holy Ghost, which does bear witness of the Father and the Son. And now, do not thank me for these things, but thank God, your Father in Heaven.  Even so, Amen. 

(Visions of the Latter Days, pp. 121-134)