Check out this video clip about just one of many tent cities in California, just like the hard times during the last Great Depression. Expect to see more and more of this as the dollar is devaluated, because Bishop Koyle was shown that people would be mortgaged to the hilt, and that housing would be a problem.

The following Koyle prophecy is about the hordes of people who will travel to Utah, on foot in some cases, to escape the calamities and civil war that will take place across the nation.

There will be a large influx of people. Tents will cover the valley. People will feel fortunate if they have a chicken coop to sleep in.

Would you be grateful to live in a chicken coop to flee violence in the city? Or do you plan to evacuate when the official call goes forth, from inspired leaders, so that you can instead live in a home in White City? Leave your comments below!