During the summer of 1985, John Jordan published a pamphlet that listed 102 statements of Bishop Koyle, as he and others understood them. Because these were not written down directly by Bishop Koyle, spiritual discernment must be used in determining if these were accurately recorded. Some of these items have been slightly condensed, omitting Jordan's personal interpretations and comments.

  1. The overall purpose of the mine was too big for the people to understand. But, towards the end they would begin to understand.
  2. The Church would have a garment mill.
  3. Houses would be low and would look like chicken coops.
  4. What looked like sheep camps would be at almost every home.
  5. Trucks looking like boxcars would be running up and down the roads.
  6. The Church would build a 34-story office building in the heart of New York City. The building would not have totally paid for itself before the troubles occur and the mine comes in.
  7. The United States would commence selling wheat to its greatest enemy.
  8. The Republican elephant would be in power. At an election, it would sink to its knees, never to rise again.
  9. Weather pattern changes would be seen to the far south-west. Drought would proceed northward year by year increasing in intensity until reaching the valleys of Utah. At that time the troubles were to start in the valleys. The drought would then head east, increasing in intensity.
  10. Gold would be legal in trade.
  11. A mine takeover attempt would occur internal to the leadership.
  12. Before the mine comes in, all books and records must be in order. The Bishop warned that no brothers or relatives should serve on the board at the same time.
  13. On his deathbed, the Bishop called in John H. Koyle, III, and said, "I don't know what they will have done with the money. I just don't know what they have done with the money."
  14. Before the mine comes in, two board members (or leaders) will leave the work. And, the rest will not be of much use to it.
  15. Towards the end a group will try to bring in the mine early, but will not succeed. It is best not to attempt to bring the mine in early because if it is done, the government will tax it away, or take it over for its important strategic values.
  16. Great value would not come from Old Spanish workings. Those workings would be used as a flux.
  17. A group trying to bring the mine in towards the end would not have the spirit of discernment to know what to do.
  18. Kennecott Utah Copper will close towards the end.
  19. Towards the end, Satan will try to stir up trouble for the mine in the valleys, but will not succeed. Then, he will come up on the mountain and try to stir up trouble with the people there and those in the valleys.
  20. Dark clouds will hang over the mine and the valleys. People will be distrustful and will not talk to one another. Finally, when the clouds part and the sun shines, everyone will be happy and will converse with each other.
  21. There will be a sifting of those worthy of the work.
  22. Just before the end time, the mine will experience a short shutdown.
  23. A "Gravel Train" operation will come to a halt incidental to the short shutdown.
  24. Something will cause the Church welfare program to be inadequate at the end.
  25. Stock will sell for 10 cents per share.
  26. At the end things will happen so fast that a person will not be able to tell what is to occur first.
  27. Finally, what few old stockholders are left will have to ban together to reclaim the mine.
  28. The financial condition of the mine will be so bad at the end that a white-haired man from the North will have to come to furnish the money needed to outfit the processing of black ore.
  29. It will be possible after all stock is sold for a person contributing to the work of bringing the mine into eventually get 2,500 shares of stock apiece.
  30. The mine will not come in until eleven families can live in perfect unity and harmony.
  31. The mine will not come in until 30 people meet fasting and praying for deliverance at the green spot.
  32. But, when at first the mine comes in, things will have been so difficult and desperate with so much trouble between people that stockholders will wonder if it was all worth it.
  33. The U.S. Government will keep propping up the economy as if it were on stilts, until finally it would suddenly collapse overnight.
  34. Taxes will become oppressive and almost impossible to pay.
  35. The mining industry will attempt to again become operational. but, before they get going, and the mines can do any good for the economy, the crash will come.
  36. There will be a setting in order: first the mine, then the Church, then the state, then the nation. They will be brought up short like a wild colt at the snubbing post.
  37. The Church is to be set in order just after an April conference.
  38. The United States will experience increasing interest rates which will finally reach 20% to 24% after a period of 10% to 14%.
  39. Banks will commence taking over mortgage defaults until they own many properties, helping to add to depression. There will be plenty of money in the banks, but none to lend out.
  40. There will be an overnight price crash. Wages and prices will be 20 cents on the dollar.
  41. Depression will occur just before drought.
  42. Depression will become so bad in the United States that service boys will be called home to keep money in the country.
  43. Greenbacks will blow down the streets and will not be picked up because they will be worthless.
  44. After the economic collapse, goods can be purchased for very little if a person has hard cash.
  45. Gold will sell for over $100 per ounce.
  46. The Church will renew persecution towards the mine. However, the mine will increase in strength and unity. Whereas, the unity and strength of the Church will decrease.
  47. Troubles in the valleys for the Church will commence following the passing of the 12th president of the Church (President. Kimball).
  48. Near the time of the end, many of the General Authorities will become quite old. Troubles will start when three leaders will die in close proximity to one another. The new replacements will not be able to hold the Church together.
  49. In the end there will be a great apostasy in the Church. A rift in leadership will cause many members to leave. Something will happen to make members congregate in and around the churches, and at various other locations to discuss and ponder the great disturbing changes occurring. This will mark the commencement of the time of problems for the Church, as well as the time of apostasy.
  50. The Bishop told of an interview with the Prophet Joseph in Salt Lake City. The two of them were seeking out the latter general authorities. The Bishop asked Joseph what he was going to do. Joseph's answer was, "I'm going to release them, every last man-jack one of them." (A man-jack is a mule that must be castrated or cut off to remove their unreconcilable stubbornness to Godly direction.) Joseph then stated, "They had their chance and failed!"
  51. At the end the church will be happy to turn the welfare program operation over to the mine to stop recriminations against the leadership of the Church.
  52. The Church will be in such a destitute financial condition that it will be happy to accept tithing from the stock-holders when the mine comes in.
  53. If the stockholders do not pay tithing on their dividends, rains would come causing a landslide that would seal the mine from them.
  54. The Provo steel plant will close at the time of trouble.
  55. The railroad rails will be rusty when the mine comes in.
  56. There will be little or no electricity. Lanterns will be back in use.
  57. Streetcars and buses will no longer be running in Salt Lake City.
  58. When the drought comes, one will notice dry, hot winds when the winter wheat is in the milk stage of kernel development. The first year of drought will reduce the winter wheat crop by 25%. The second year the wheat crop will be reduced by 50%. The third year the wheat crop will be reduced by 75%, and will not be fit for anything but cattle feed. The mine must purchase its wheat from the second year's crop, i.e., within the year following the second year harvest and before the third year harvest.
  59. Mud will flow down the streets of Spanish Fork indicating the wickedness of the people. When groups of people start rifling the grocery stores of Spanish Fork, those stockholders living there should get out immediately and leave for the mine. Some were advised to come hiding from bush to bush along the canal bank; others elsewhere were to come the long way across the mountains to avoid pillage.
  60. There should be enough unity and harmony to bring the mine in, in the second year of drought; if not, by the third year of drought. If there is not enough unity and harmony to bring it in by the third year of drought, the work will be taken away from the stockholders. Pray that the mine will come in in the second year. Otherwise, there will be extreme suffering that winter.
  61. Stockholders will be tested on the low values first.
  62. The rich will grow richer and the poor poorer, until many will be blue in the face with hunger when the mine comes in.
  63. There will be very little gasoline. Stockholders were advised to keep their tanks filled.
  64. Towards the end, stockholders will be questioned as to their part in the mine and as to what they heard was said and had seen concerning its coming in.
  65. The mine will come in following an unusually hard winter. There will be heavy snows and a late wet spring. After two weeks of planting time, heavy rains will pelt the seed out of the ground. Then, hot dry winds will start to dry everything up, including the remaining plants.
  66. At a stockholders' meeting at the mine, two general authorities with the police will try to lay hands on the speaker as an impostor. The general authorities will be struck dead. Stockholders rushing to their aid will be told, "Halt! Let the dead take care of the dead!"
  67. The first ore will be black and will come off the top beyond No. 1 and at a grass roots level. If it is winter, it will be brought down by bobsled.
  68. The news of the first shipment of ore will go unnoticed since coincidental with it will be the death of the president in office.
  69. The stockholders will know by looking that the mine is being brought in properly when they see the mill dump turning black.
  70. Taxes will be impossibly oppressive. But the government will collapse following the mine coming in, but before the next tax collection time. Tax is not to be taken out of the Lord's values.
  71. The first dividends will be paid just before Christmas--just in time for stockholders to have a little something. It will be the fourth year of depression.
  72. Foolish stockholders will buy recreational vehicles with dividend money. Wise stockholders will replace food storage before there is no more food to be had.
  73. At the end the Church leaders will sit back and see what happens as the mine comes in and will not cause further trouble for stockholders. A large "snake" will come to the mine from the South.
  74. Stockholders are not to hold grudges against those who have caused them trouble. Because, when the stock-holders see what happens to the persecutors, the stock-holders will pray day and night for their deliverance.
  75. There will be a harsh winter at the end of which the maple or oak leaves will open like a mouse's ear.
  76. The harsh winter will be followed by a mild open winter.
  77. A stone wall will be built along the mine side of the canal (during the mild winter).
  78. The mine will become a city of refuge against roving bands.
  79. Roving bands and marauders will not be a problem south of the Highline Canal.
  80. The second shipment of ore, that from No. 4 finger, will be noticed when it gets into the news. People will come to the mine waving money, but there will be no stock to be sold. However, the mine will offer to feed the people.
  81. Economic conditions will be so bad that people will say that the mine has come into production too late to do any good. However, that will not be the case since work will commence in numerous areas of the mine at the same time following the second batch of ore.
  82. The mine will come in when the Federal Government is in disarray. Some say that the mine will come in in the late summer or fall.
  83. When the mine comes in, there will be only three months to obtain needed goods from the East Coast and three more months to obtain goods from Denver (six months total). After that, trucks will not be running.
  84. Foreign problems will commence.
  85. The leaders of the nation will be blown out of office as if by a whirlwind. They will hide fearing for their lives.
  86. When the mine comes in, mine personnel will be able to have most any Church position which they desire. Church authorities will seek after the companionship of mine people to attend conferences with them so that the authorities will be listened to and not rejected.
  87. There will be great bitterness towards the general authorities. The leaders will have to take to the pulpits to keep people from leaving the Church.
  88. The Bishop's grandson, Lynn, is to be president when the mine comes in.
  89. When the mine comes in, the mountains will be covered with people looking for gold. You'll hardly be able to see the mountain for the people covering it.
  90. It will be almost too late to get the grain when it is obtained.
  91. The mine will also support stocking grain in Idaho.
  92. A stair-step concrete grain bin will be built on the terraces provided to store wheat. Hardly will one section be completed that it will be filled while the next section is being built.
  93. The wheat to fill the bins will be bought by the mine at about 50 cents per bushel.
  94. There will be a large influx of people. Tents will cover the valley. People will feel fortunate if they have a chicken coop to sleep in.
  95. A white city will be built in the shape of a horseshoe around the depression.
  96. Travel will be unsafe in the valley north of the mine.
  97. An earthquake will open and drain the winze.
  98. It will be important to purchase the coinage mint machinery being sold as surplus by the Denver mint at the end. The machinery must be brought to the mine within six months of the mine coming in. The machinery is to be set up at the mouth of Flat Canyon.
  99. A clothing mill will also be established at the mouth of Flat Canyon at the end of the upper prune orchard road.
  100. The mine will purchase and reopen the Provo steel plant.
  101. The local militia will attempt to gain control of the mine and its people. Mine money must be used for the right purposes or it will be taken away.
  102. Some crops will again be grown the sixth year of the seven-year drought.