Below is an 1895 vision of the last days given to Newman Bulkley of Springville, Utah. Those familiar with Bishop Koyle's prophecies will know that he also said something devastating will happen to congress. This is summarized in item #85 in John Jordan's List, which states:

"The leaders of the nation will be blown out of office as if by a whirlwind. They will hide fearing for their lives."

Vision Begins

I retired to rest about nine o'clock in the evening. In a short time I drowsed off to sleep, and it seemed as if the spirit of my dead wife was hovering round about me.

Suddenly I awoke. Sleep departed from me, the vision of my mind was open, and I beheld the members of the senate of the United States. While in session they were hurled from the hall by an unseen power. They rallied again, and the second time were thrown from the hall. They rallied the third time and were again thrown from the hall with such violence that a great number of them were killed. All those that remained alive had the name "Edmunds" printed in their foreheads. (See Senator George f. Edmunds' bill against polygamy, March, 1882, "Essentials in Church History." P. 592)

Yet future

Next I saw a whirlwind commence in the center of the house of representatives which increased until it frightened all the members out of the house. They scattered to various parts of the United States, and the inhabitants of the city of Washington, D. C. became frightened and scattered until the city became almost desolated.

Then I saw a great tumult commence all over the United States, which ended in a great deal of blood being shed. And a great many of the people who had heard our elders preach and had believed what they had heard, but had not had the courage to embrace the gospel when they heard it, gathered what little effects they could take with them and came to this people in the Rocky Mountains.

Then I saw many thousands of women and children take refuge in the timber, hazel rough, or any place they could conceal themselves from the turmoil that was going on in the United States. And when word reached this people of their situation, there were hundreds of Seventies called upon to go and hunt them up and bring them to this people in Utah. (See Wilford Woodruff's vision on the desolation of Washington, D. C.; New York, etc., and refugees to the mountains of Zion. See also the Cardston temple vision.)

Then the government of the United States patched up their difficulty and elected a new congress which assembled to do business. The crusade still continued against the Latter Day Saints. Our enemies attributed all their troubles to the saints, and crusaders raised such a howl and sent forth their petitions to congress so that the first business they did was to order one hundred thousand of the best and most able bodied men that could be found to come against us. (See Bishop Koyle, on "Army Worse Than Johnston's")

When this became known to the saints, instructions were sent forth for all of the inhabitants of the territory to gather into valleys, as near as possible to the temples. And the people gathered into Salt Lake, Cache, Utah, and Sanpete counties, and to St. George, until there was a family to nearly every acre of land and all the country around was filled with our people. Water broke forth where before there had been no water, so that all the land could be cultivated. (See D&C 133:29) 

I also saw that all the old men who had honored their priesthood became spry again. (See D&C. 84:33-34 - Renewal of bodies promised.)

I saw that the greater number of those who had gone into polygamy for principal thereof had to go to prison, while those who had embraced it for lust escaped, as the officers appeared to care nothing about them.

I saw no preparations of any war-like demonstration in the midst of the saints, but all appeared to have the spirit of peace and contentment. When the soldiers came near our borders, the United States officers and all the gentiles were seized with fearfulness, and left in haste by night and by day, until they all got outside of the borders of this people and united with the soldiers. Then the army surrounded this people on every side, so that there was no possible way of escape. Then they raised their standards and sent forth a proclamation to all who wished to save their lives to come to them for protection. About one third of our men and as many women as they could persuade to follow them went over to the army and joined it. (See Heber C. Kimball on "great test and sifting to come.")

Then I saw the preparations commence for the entire destruction of the saints. It consisted in their gathering together all the combustible material they could obtain and making a complete wall around this people. It looked to me to be some fifty feet high, and from six to ten rods wide at the bottom.

During the time of their gathering this combustible material, our people were laboring in the temples, endowing men with the fullness of the blessing of the priesthood for their protection. 

When the enemy had fired their combustibles, these men endowed with the fullness of the holy priesthood walked along like sentinels at their posts and waved their hands. The flames, smoke and ashes that were intended for the destruction of the saints turned upon our enemies. And when this combustible matter was consumed and the fire and smoke had cleared away, lo and behold, the enemies of this people were not to be found. (See D&C 45:70 "Let us not go up against Zion, etc.)

During all this time, our people were laboring in the temples day and night, endowing the elders of israel with the fullness of the blessings of the holy priesthood until they got the number of fifty thousand endowed. During this time the temple in Salt Lake City had been completed, and in one of the rooms situated in one of the towers, Jesus and Joseph, with their council, were sitting.

Then preparations were made for the fifty thousand to go down to the center stake in Zion, with Jesus and Joseph at their head, riding in their chariots of fire. They seemed somewhere about six to ten rods above the earth. (See D&C Sec. 103:20-21)

While all these scenes had been transpiring, the remnants (or Lamanites) of the land had gathered in from all quarters of the Rocky Mountains, and some had come from South America. When our brethren passed down to the center stake of Zion, the remnants went forth and redeemed the Land of Zion. (See 3 Nephi 21:23) I saw the foundation of the temple laid there, which had the appearance of a bright luster. The chariots of pillar of fire went over the temple block and remained about it, shedding forth its light to those below. (A cloud by day and pillar of fire by night.)

When my attention was drawn back again to the mountains, I saw that the young men and the middle aged men had been called away upon different missions; and the old men and women and children had to do all the farm work. All those who were laboring to build up the City of Zion in Jackson County had to be sustained from these valleys, with the exception of the remnants of the House of Jacob.

The buffalo and other game had returned upon the plains to feed them until they could be taught the art of agriculture. (See D&C 101:55 on "young men and middle aged.")

The earth in the valleys was sanctified and cleansed so that it brought forth in its strength. Instead of its bringing forth from 15 to 40 bushels of grain per acre, it brought forth from 100 to 200 bushels. The water broke forth in parched ground, (see D&C 133:29) And all the valleys were filled with the Saints of the Most High who had gathered in from the nations of the earth to be schooled in the temples that are now built, to prepare them to go forth to the center stake of Zion.