Posted by: "D. T. Bitter"
Sat Mar 8, 2008

Before we get to the profound vision, let's reflect on another prophecy made by Bishop Koyle that relates:

John H. Koyle was gifted with dreams not directly related to the mine. For example, he saw that during the time of great tribulation there would be a massive earthquake out in the Pacific Ocean that would bring giant tidal waves along our Pacific Coast. This would in turn bring destructive quakes along the San Andreas Fault and wreck great destruction in San Francisco and Oakland. If inspired, prophetic warnings were heeded in time, many of our people would escape these disasters.

This morning the Lord told me to forward this vision I received on February 22, 2008. I wrote this down immediately after I saw this vision.

I saw that Las Vegas was completely demolished by a huge earthquake. There were very few survivors. I saw collapsed casinos, with twisted steel and debris everywhere. Huge fires were going with very, very few emergency vehicles, personnel to help put them out. The temple there was destroyed. Next, I was shown, Reno, It was not as badly destroyed, and the were alot more people and rescuers walking around. There were small fires everywhere. Many noble people survived and would reach out ot help those in need.

In Oregon, I saw several volcanoes erupting. Ash and smoke were so thick that people couldn't breathe. I saw Handkerchiefs over peoples faces to help them breathe. Cars wouldn't work because the engines were clogged. I saw that there were those who would pray for their vehicles and the Lord would help them to work and they were able to get out. There were many believers there and needed their faith strengthened. I saw that they would suffer much but would triumph in their faith.

In California, I saw a HUGE wave cover what seemed to be the entire coastline. It will destroy everything. The only ones who survived were those the Lord led out ahead of time. The words I heard were "This tsunami will make the Asian Tsunami a few years ago look like a picnic." On the inland of California I saw volcanoes and small earthquakes widespread. There were places of refuge set up there because of good hearted people. Many would repent and turn to the Savior, still others would be lost because they didn't know what to do or where to go. Some criminals would survive and would wonder around raping and pillaging. All the temples were gone

In Salt Lake City, I saw a tremendous earthquake, resulting in twisted steel and metal every where, Great fissures opened up in the ground and new mountains raised up. The thing that made the biggest impact were the amount of survivors wandering around not knowing what to do.  They were looking for their leaders to tell them what to do but all the leaders were dead, injured or unable to lead  (I felt that they were emotionally unable to do so).  There was lots of smoke and dust and people wondering around in a daze. The Salt Lake Temple was not destroyed and I felt that there was a purpose for that. That was all I saw. I felt that this would all happen very soon and very close to each other in time. 

I have a very good friend who has many prophetic gifts who said in January that we should look to the month of May and that things would start in the state of Washington and go out from there. The earth had received its capacity (Wickedness I felt that meant) and it would shake and tremble as never before. 

I also have a friend who had a dream of a series of 12 waves hitting the entire coastline of California. I was told this after I told her my vision. So that was my second witness. This is all I know.

The Lord just said to share with you my other dream of a few months ago. I dreamed that everyone was escaping, fleeing the Wasatch front for some reason, and all I could take with me was this big canvas tent and a little bit of food , blankets ect. I have 8 children and My husband and I were able to get out ok. When we arrived down the the I-15 corridor, there was mass chaos and danger. It was horrible. We were able to set up that tent. We gave thanks to the Lord day and night for the safety and protection that tent provided against all the danger and chaos that lay beyond the walls of that tent. I received that dream several times during the night and the next morning I felt like I needed to go out and buy a tent like that. The Lord told me NO--That Tent Is the Power of Your FAITH! Your faith will be what guards you and protects you from the coming chaos and danger, not anything physical. TRUST IN ME!!! 

There you have it. I've share with you all that I have been given. The biggest thing I have learned is that we are in Gods hands and He is our only hope of protection against what is coming.