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The true use of gold is for paving streets, covering houses and making culinary dishes, and when the Saints shall have preached the gospel, raised grain and built up cities enough, the Lord will open up a way for a supply of gold to the perfect satisfaction of His people. Until that time, let them not be over anxious, for the treasures of the earth are in the Lordís storehouse and He will open the doors thereof when and where He pleases.

(Brigham Young at Home, p. 252.)

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Perhaps you've had an interest in mining for years. Or maybe you look forward to the day when you can work inside the Relief Mine tunnels. If so, then you might enjoy visiting some of the following websites to learn how it all works. 

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1   Link   Ancient Lost Treasures
This is a forum website for people who want to post messages about mines. They have categories for the Anasazi, Aztecs, Incas and Mayans, Carre-Shinob here in Utah, etc. There are other interesting topics which include ghost towns.
2   Link   Utah's Gold History
The state of Utah has a rich history of gold mines. Learn all about them from this utah.gov website.
3   Link   Gold Mining
This is the wikipedia.com article for gold mining. A quick introduction, with photos and various techniques mentioned. Of course, when the Relief Mine comes in, it will be via a new process that will revolutionize the whole industry. It will be an exciting day!
4   Link   Prospecting and Mining Journal
Prospecting & Mining Journal is the best source of information for miners and prospectors. The magazine has been published monthly since 1931, and is now available online! We offer plenty of articles detailing mining and prospecting ventures around the world. You'll find up-to-date methods on prospecting, assaying, refining, dredging, mining, detection; legislation, regulations, geology, technology, history, and first-hand accounts from those who have worked the equipment, dug the trenches and the tunnels.

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