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When it is necessary that we should possess gold in great abundance, the Lord will show it to us in vision and we shall not have to prospect and dig to find it, as the wicked have to do. The liberty of the Saints is to possess power with God to open gold mines, when we want gold; to plant and reap in abundance; to heal the sick of our families and to heal our animals that serve us; to elude every snare of the enemy.

(Brigham Young J.D. 10:288)

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Randy Huffaker - I Have No Doubt PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 13:06

My experience with the Relief Mine, started some time during the last 20 years.  My best guess would be around 1993.  I have a dear friend who introduced me to Ogden Kraut's books and I read them all.  For the most part, I wasn't bowled over by most of Ogden's interpretations, but two of his books rang true and the Spirit witnessed to me that they were true.  One was 95 Thesis and the other was his book on the Relief Mine.  I remember to this day reading it and the feelings the spirit gave me.  

I had no doubt and still don't that Bishop Koyle was a prophet.  I was appalled that he was so persecuted by some of the leaders of the Lord's church.  I believe very strongly in the mission of the Relief Mine and anxiously await the fulfillment of the remaining prophecies.

I have been searching and waiting for affordable shares in the mine to become available.  I have a great desire to be involved in the operation of the mine and the building of the grain silos.  I especially look forward to the ancient Nephite records that are inside the mine and the knowledge that they will bring to us.

Randy Huffaker


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