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When the time comes for purchasing this land, we will have means. How this means will be brought about it is not for me to say. Perhaps the Lord will open up mines containing gold and silver, or in some other way as seemeth to Him best; wealth will be poured into the laps of the Latter-day Saints till they will scarcely know what to do with it. I will here again prophesy on the strength of former revelation that there are not a people now upon the face of the earth, so rich as the Latter-day Saints will be in a few years to come. Having their millions; therefore they will purchase the land, build up cities, towns, and villages, build a great capital city, at headquarters, in Jackson County, Missouri.

(Orson Pratt J.D. 21:136)

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Protected From Fire PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 August 2008 09:14

About 1952 there was fire up near the mine that jumped the canal and headed up over the mine property.  I remember sitting on my folks porch in Spanish Fork while watching the fire race up the mountain.  It burned for several days.  I saw it go up Flat Canyon. When it got towards the top of Flat Canyon the big pine trees would explode sending fires high up into the air.  Everybody was concerned about the buildings on the mine property.  It looked like the fire was going to take them. 

Quayle Dixon went up to the Bishops house and as the fire approached that house, Quayle with his hand to the square and by the authority of the Holy Melchizedek priesthood rebuked the fire that it would not destroy the house.  He said the fire seemed to jump right over the house and it was not damaged in any way.  Both clothesline posts burned right to the ground but there was no damage to the house.  I don't recall there being damage to any of the other buildings.  Everybody was acknowledging the hand of the Lord for saving those buildings.



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