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I will say to such, get rich in gold and silver, in houses and lands, in goods and chattels, in flocks and herds, until you possess all you can possibly gain; but let me caution you not to get one cent, unless you get it honestly. And when you have amassed your millions, never allow yourselves to possess one dollar with the belief that you are capable of disposing of it judiciously without wisdom from our God. In all things inquire of the Lord, that you may wisely direct your earthly substance, as well as the energies of your minds, to the building up of His kingdom and the consummation of His purposes pertaining to this world and our salvation.

(Brigham Young J.D. 8:9)

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Articles about the Relief Mine

People have been writing about the Relief Mine for decades. Some of the reporters are believers, some are neutral, and still others are against this divine project. Who is right and who is deceived in their belief system? One thing that can not be ignored is that Bishop Koyle, so far, has been correct in all of his predictions. He even saw the date of the first economic collapse that took place in the 1930's. It's up to each of us to read, ponder and pray regarding these prophetic warnings. Koyle's greatest prediction is about to come to pass.


# Article Title Hits
1 A Prophetic Poem 2656
2 A List of Prophecies 4731
3 Building Homes in White City 12545
4 Overview 14105
5 Who is Bishop John H. Koyle? 21227
6 Thus saith the Lord 6962
7 Articles of Incorporation 7990
8 The Long Hard Winter 8550
9 Brother Shreeve's Vision of the Mine Coming In 8104
10 Some Still Hold Stock in the Dream Mine 43477
11 Prophet Sharing: The Faithful Are Still Waiting 23900
12 Mystery Encircles 9928
13 Conclusion 4946

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