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The true use of gold is for paving streets, covering houses and making culinary dishes, and when the Saints shall have preached the gospel, raised grain and built up cities enough, the Lord will open up a way for a supply of gold to the perfect satisfaction of His people. Until that time, let them not be over anxious, for the treasures of the earth are in the Lordís storehouse and He will open the doors thereof when and where He pleases.

(Brigham Young at Home, p. 252.)

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The Coming Financial Collapse Foreseen by Bishop Koyle

Bishop Koyle was told by the heavenly messenger that there would be a great crash in the land before the period of famine began. This crash would be brought about by prices going up. When prices became extremely high, something happened in the land like knocking the stilts from under the person and down came everything. Businesses closed down, people stood in bread lines, and great tribulations were in the land. The following articles are an attempt to show where we stand in Bishop Koyle's prophetic time line.


# Article Title Date Hits
41 Silver Shortage: 19 dealers report "Sold Out" Mar 25 2008 7321
42 Foreclosures: Homes Selling for $1 Mar 25 2008 4670
43 Economist Calls Financial Crisis Worst Since 1930s Mar 19 2008 4372
44 International Experts Foresee Collapse of U.S. Economy Mar 08 2008 6022
45 Goldman Sachs: Oil May Reach $200 a Barrel Mar 07 2008 4558
46 Dollar Falls to Record Euro Low Mar 05 2008 4107
47 Are Simultaneous Inflation and Deflation Possible? Feb 28 2008 4275
48 FDIC to Add Staff as Bank Failures Loom Feb 27 2008 5451
49 Food shortages loom as wheat crop shrinks and prices rise Feb 26 2008 4080
50 Banks "Quietly" Borrow $50 Billion from Fed Feb 21 2008 3717
51 The Fall of the Dollar Empire Feb 20 2008 5070
52 Foreclosed Homes Occupied by Homeless Feb 19 2008 5817
53 The Declining Dollar and What It Means for You Feb 18 2008 4307
54 Morgan Stanley Strategist: Head for the Hills! Feb 17 2008 4418
55 Arizona bankruptcy rates rise 63 percent Feb 12 2008 3782
56 FDIC is gearing up for a large bank failure Feb 05 2008 3773
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