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The second shipment of ore, that from No. 4 finger, will be noticed when it gets into the news. People will come to the mine waving money, but there will be no stock to be sold. However, the mine will offer to feed the people.

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Gasoline Thieves Now Cutting Fuel Lines PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 May 2008 13:35

Gasoline that now costs an average of $4 a gallon in Hawaii is tempting more and more criminals.

From company base yards to high-rise parking lots and even city streets, gas theft is on the rise, according to trucking companies, auto mechanics, business owners, auto parts suppliers and ordinary citizens.

"It's worse than copper," said Darren Okuhara, owner of Okuhara Auto and Truck Repair.

Earlier this month, thieves climbed the fence at the Lanakila Meals on Wheels parking lot in Liliha and stole gasoline from its vans for a third time.

The gasoline lines were cut to get the fuel, said Remy Rueda, the agency's director.

"Each time we have to take it to the shop, it costs somewhere between $300 and $350," Rueda said, which is money the financially strapped nonprofit can ill afford.

The damage also delayed the delivery of meals to some of the agency's elderly clients.

With 260 trucks across the state, U-Haul Hawaii has lost thousands of dollars of gasoline to thieves, said Don Rickard, the company's district manager.

At U-Haul's Pearl City site, thieves recently stole not only gas, but hot-wired a vehicle and drove it through the locked gate after damaging 35 vehicles. The truck was recovered, but the damage was done.

Police suggested the company get security video cameras. "Their advice is to get the best surveillance videos you can and keep turning them in. Sooner or later they'll get caught," Rickard said.

But that hasn't always proven successful, he said.

"In Waipi'o Gentry we've been hit several times by a white pickup truck that has a big tank in the back of the rig," Rickard said. "The same guy just pulls up, sticks in the hose, turns on his pump, siphons the gas and away he goes. We've turned in video of him doing it three or four times a month, but he keeps using stolen license plates. It's extremely frustrating."

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