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The news of the first shipment of ore will go unnoticed since coincidental with it will be the death of the president in office.

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One Million Homes Boarded Up PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 March 2008 11:18

More than one million homes in the U.S. are foreclosed and abandoned to street gangs and violence. Here is a small bit of the article and a LINK below to read the whole of it.

"The struggling Rust Belt city, plagued by about 10,000 vacant homes and commercial buildings, estimated the 57 foreclosures cost Buffalo $1 million in demolition work and another $1 million in nuisance costs -- from police patrols to boarding up buildings, to the social toll on communities.

"We have found homicide victims in these structures," Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said in a telephone interview.  "Dog fighting has taken place in these structures. Drug dealing has been conducted.

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